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HVC has accredited vets who can assess and assist with both monitoring Ovine Brucellosis and the required AQIS checks and certification for exporting animals overseas.

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  • Annual fertility testing of flock rams is an essential tool that ensures the ram team is performing optimally, and any sub fertile animals are identified. This is an assessment that is best done annually prior to breeding. It involves structural assessment, condition scoring and testicular palpation.  Brucellosis testing is often a routine adjunct at the time of ram testing.

    Semen testing of rams is performed if rams are to be single sire mated, if testicular palpation indicates it, or if a flock reproductive issue is being investigated.

  • Timely investigation of health issues and disease requires correct diagnosis made by a veterinarian. A prompt, correct diagnosis ensures the right decisions can be made and limits the likelihood of costly incorrect treatments or management decisions being implemented.

    We perform many investigations annually, often looking into anything from lameness to sudden death, poor weight gain to ill-thrift, high lamb mortality rates to high ewe mortality rates, and poor reproductive outcomes to name a few.

  • A strategic worm management plan is vital to controlling the impact of worms and minimising the impact of drench resistance. Regular faecal egg counting is the cornerstone to such a plan.

    We provide fast turnaround bulk and individual egg counts in house, coupled with immediate advice on results. If larval differentiation is required, we outsource for laboratory analysis.

    HVC recommends that resistance testing be performed every 5 years.  Routine monitoring should be done annually.

    Please call the clinic on (02) 6036 2374 for specific instructions on how best to perform this testing.

  • HVC is accredited under the Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program for Sheep (SheepMAP) to help producers identify and promote their low risk of Johne’s disease infection. We are able to assist you in establishing and maintaining your monitored negative (MN) status, through Ovine Johne’s Disease (OJD) testing and setting up management plans.

    Please call the clinic on (02) 6036 2374 if you would like more information on SheepMAP.

  • HVC provides high quality nutritional advice, particularly in times of drought. We understand the importance of developing a simple but effective feeding strategy. From fodder budgeting to developing a Total Mixed Ration (TMR), the knowledgeable vets at HVC are capable of establishing the cost and outcome of a ration.

    If you would like to know more about how HVC can assist with the nutrition of your livestock, please call the clinic on (02) 6036 2374.

we hold.

  • HVC is a qualified Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (AAVet) and are able to assist exporters with the appropriate testing and certification for live animal export.

    If you are looking to export livestock, don’t hesitate to give the HVC a call on (02) 6036 2374 to discuss your requirements.

  • HVC is NSW Ovine Brucellosis Scheme accredited.

    Ovine Brucellosis causes considerable economic loss through ram wastage, reduced lamb marking percentages and potentially extended lambing seasons. Causing inflammation of the epididymis in the testes of rams, Brucellosis is caused by infection with the bacteria Brucella ovis, and leaves rams infertile, while also causing abortion in some ewes.

    The NSW Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation Scheme has been in operation since 1981 and allows participants to sell rams accredited as low risk for Ovine Brucellosis. Guidelines for accreditation under the scheme are based on risk assessment, management of introduced sheep and on-farm biosecurity measures. Ongoing quality assurance for the accreditation status is achieved through monitoring and includes blood testing and manual testicular examination of rams at regular intervals.

    If you would like to know more regarding the NSW Ovine Brucellosis Scheme, call the clinic on (02) 6036 2374.