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We offer health advice and treatment, plus consultancy services for strategic disease management, herd and structure management and nutritional advice.

Services we
can help with.

  • At HVC, we pride ourselves on being partners in our clients’ production systems and not only providing gold standard health advice and treatment, but also consultancy services in the way of strategic disease management, herd and structure management and nutritional advice.

    This means we are able to assist with the decisions behind your production system to enable you to achieve your production goals with greater confidence. Using our knowledge and experience in southern beef production we are able analyse the system as a whole and provide relevant advice with regards to the enterprise’s production objectives, financial performance and long term sustainability.

  • Strategic disease management involves being at the forefront of animal health management and using preventative measures at specific times of the year to ensure production animals remain disease-free.

    With an in-depth understanding of both seedstock and commercial beef production systems and significant experience in southern Australian beef systems we are well situated to provide cost-effective advice relating to all animal health matters. Diseases we can assist with include but are not limited to; internal and external parasite control, Pestivirus, infectious disease (especially reproductive loss), metabolic/ nutritional disorders, feedlot disease, lameness, management of breeding programs and more.

  • Efficient beef production relies on a well-managed breeding herd. The most important component of managing a beef herd is to set clear production objectives relating to the herd’s genetics, breeding herd structure, female fertility, target market and optimizing the properties carrying capacity. HVC prides itself on integrating research with practical experience to bring relevant advice to producers on a wide range of management practices.

  • The vets at HVC offer nutritional advice in the form of feed testing, pasture walks, cow body condition scoring and the formulation of feedlot rations. Using computer programs to aid in the assessment and decision making assists HVC’s vets to  tailor a nutritional plan to each enterprise.

    Appropriate nutritional management of pasture-based feed, as well as supplementary feed is essential to ensure the performance of growing stock, breeding outcomes and livestock health are optimised. Managing the transition to and from highly digestible pasture and supplementary feed, is critical to ensure livestock production is maintained.

    If you would like to discuss your production system and objectives with one of our vets who is passionate about your productivity, please call (02) 6036 2374.