Help when you need it

We have a broad array of companion services available to assure you of nothing but the best care your furry friends,

Home Visits

On the first Tuesday of each month one of the HVC vets and a nurse do a home visit run to Culcairn/Henty.

On this run we can vaccinate your dogs and cats, as well as check any minor health issues such as skin allergies and lameness. We can also do nail clipping and anal glands, as well as drop off Advance, Royal Canin and Hills dog food to your home (saving you a trip into town).

For farm clients we can see small animals at the Culcairn bus stop or the Henty rest stop. Time permitting we can also do horse and cattle visits on the Culcairn/Henty run which will reduce your travel charges. Bookings are essential.

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