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  • Vaccination of both cats and dogs is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. At the time of vaccination your pets will also receive a full health check so that any issues can be picked up early.

    At HVC we offer both C3 and C5 vaccinations for dogs. The C3 vaccination protects you dog against the three core viruses, Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis Virus and Canine Distemper virus. The C5 vaccination protects your pet from the viruses mention above as well as the Canine Influenza virus and Bordetella which are two major causes of Kennel Cough in dogs. A majority of kennels will require you to have you pets vaccinated with a C5 vaccine prior to entry to the kennel.

    The main vaccine used for cats is the F4 vaccine. This vaccine protects you cat from Feline panleucopenia, feline herpesvirus, feline calivirus and Chlamydophilia. In addition to the stardard F4 vaccine we also can vaccinate cats against FIV and FeLV. These additional vaccinations are recommended for outdoor pets, and those pets living with a known FIV carrier cat.

    For more information on pet vaccinations feel free to discuss your pets vaccination program with one of our vets.

    Note: Discounts are available for breeder litter vaccinations.

  • Regular worming with an ALL wormer is a very important husbandry practice. All wormers protect your pets from round worms, hook worms and tape worms. Signs of worms include weight loss, scouting (rubbing bottom on the floor), and diarrhea. Worming is not only important for your pets health but is also important for your own health, as humans can contract certain worms from their pets. For more information on worming feel free to contact our helpful vets and vet nurses at HVC.

  • De-sexing is a key part of responsible pet ownership. In addition de-sexing your pet also has various health benefits. In particular female dogs that are spayed prior to their first heat are at much lower risk of developing mammary tumours later in their life, while castrated males also have decreased risk of developing prostate disease. Desexing male cats and dogs can also reduce behavioral issues such as aggression, wandering and urine spraying. These surgeries are low risk and can result in your pet living a longer healthier life.

  • At HVC we have skilled surgeons who can offer both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Surgeries commonly performed include general stitch ups, lump removals, cruciate ligament repair and bone pinning’s. HVC also has a great relationship with the staff at the CSUSmall animal Referral hospital, for more involved and complex cases.

  • By law all dogs and cats must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age and they must also be microchipped prior to sale. Microchipping is the best form of pet identification, making sure that if your pet ever goes missing it can be identified and you then contacted. Micochipping is also required in order to register your pets in the Greater Hume.

    At HVC we offer a competitively priced micro chipping service with discounts available if microchiping is competed at the time of vaccination. Discounts are also available for breeders with >5 puppies in a litter.

  • At HVC our staff offer full work ups for both small animal and equine medical diseases. These diseases many include but are not limited to Heart Disease, Gastroinestinal diseases, liver and kidney disease, ear and eye conditions, cancer and neurological disease. For more complex cases we also offer referral to specialist medical clinicians at CSU small animal referral hospital in Wagga Wagga.

  • Dental disease is a common problem affecting both dogs and cats. Studies have shown that 70% of cats and 80% of dogs older than 3 years of age suffer from some degree of dental disease. At HVC our vets offer both general scaling and extraction services. Dental health checks are included in all general health checks. For more information on Dental health please contact the vets at HVC.