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  • The most common parasite which affects our pets is the Flea. Fleas can cause intense itching and severe skin disease in our pets as well as in people. In order to avoid the problems associated with flea infestations the use of Flea Preventatives is highly recommended. At HVC we highly recommend the use of the flea tablet Comfortis. This tablet is a beef flavored once a month tablet which will knock down all fleas on your dog within 12 hours of administration!! and maintain protection for 4 weeks. (Note: puppies must be 14 weeks to start Comfortis and Comfortis is not to be used in pregnant bitches)

    Other parasites that can effect your pets include the mange mite and ear mites. A spot on product called Revolution is available for the treatment of these parasites. For more advice on treatment of these conditions please contact HVC.

    Heartworm is another parasite that your pet has the potential to contract. We recommend that all puppies are started on a heartworm preventative injection from 12 weeks of age. Your puppy will then receive a booster injection at 6 months of age and then every year with their annual vaccinations. Monthly heartworm treatments are also available, requiring more diligence.

    While we do not have paralysis ticks in Holbrook it is an important parasite to be aware of if you travel with your pets to the coast or QLD. The paralysis tick is a tick that injects deadly toxins into your pet. It is important to be aware that if you are taking your pet to a paralysis tick region, the use of a tick preventative is mandatory. To discuss differ tick management options contact the vets at HVC.

  • Skin allergies are a very common complaint. Regularly they require ongoing management. There are many ways to help our pets with skin issues and at HVC our vets are able to assess your pets condition, run skin tests if required and formulate a treatment plan.