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  • HVC offers a 24hr emergency service for clients. To access this service all you need to do is call (02) 60362374.

  • Correct nutrition is essential for our pets health. At HVC we stock a full range of Advance and Veterinary ONLY Royal Canin dog foods in both small and large bags. Just ask one of our staff for more information on the foods available. In addition if you wish us to order in any alternative foods this can be arrange as well.

    If your pet is overweight, talk with one of our vets about a weight loss plan to get your pet back into shape.

  • More and more pet owners are opting to get their pets insured for injury and illness. At HVC we highly recommend pet insurance. In the long term insuring your pets has the potential to save you a large amount of money while obtaining the highest-level of care for your animals. There are a number of companies these days that offer pet insurance, for more information on the plans available talk to one of our staff members.