Equine Embryo Transfer

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  • Embryo transfer (ET) is an increasingly popular technique which has several advantages over the mare naturally carrying her own foal. For over 25 years, HVC have been successfully flushing donor mares and transferring their embryo’s into recipient mares. During the breeding season, HVC vets flush donor mares daily, grade embryos and transfer them into prepared recipient mares.

    By using this technology, it allows owners to breed multiple foals per year out of their best mares while still being able to ride and compete them. The donor mare is bred and seven days later an embryo is flushed out of the uterus and transferred into a recipient mare.  Once the recipient mare has received the embryo, they are monitored closely for the first fifty days of pregnancy to ensure the pregnancy is maintained and to assess for normal embryo development.

    If you would like to know more about artificially breeding your mare, please call (02) 6036 23 74 to speak to one of our experienced equine reproduction vets.