Equine Breeding Management

Services we
can help with.

  • Equine reproduction has the potential for great success with the correct management of your horses. However, there are many causes of reproductive failure that can result in a frustrating breeding season if left undiagnosed and unmanaged. In order to avoid this, we pride ourselves in providing the quality and necessary services to assist in achieving the goals set by horse breeders.

    These services include but are not limited to;

    • Management of problem mares.
    • Reproductive surgeries.
    • Reproductive cycle manipulation.
    • Stallion collection and semen examination.
    • Ultrasound examination.
    • Artificial insemination.
    • Embryo recovery and transfer.
  • Horses are a unique species in that they cycle during the months where day length is increased, mainly November through to February.

    During the mare’s three-week cycle, there will be between two to eight days where the mare is ‘in season’ and receptive to the stallion. In order to achieve a successful pregnancy, it is recommended to have the mare examined by rectal ultrasound to ensure that timely ovulation, the release of the egg from the ovary, occurs and no post-breeding inflammation or infection takes place.

    Similarly, the ultrasound scanner can be used to confirm pregnancy in as little as 14 days post-ovulation, which is also the window of opportunity to treat twin pregnancies as well.

  • Artificial insemination is common in equine reproduction. We offer fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination to cater for the stallion and mare owner alike. Using artificial insemination can optimise breeding success whilst being minimally invasive and safe procedure for the mare. There are several reasons why owners may prefer artificial insemination which include;

    • Reduced risk of injury.
    • Distance between mare and stallion renders live cover unviable.
    • Access to genetics from deceased stallions.

    Fresh semen is an ideal option for mares or stallions that may be structurally unsound to be bred naturally. The stallion is collected, the semen is examined and processed while the mare is examined by ultrasound scanning and then inseminated.

    Chilled semen is a great option to mare owners that wish to breed to stallion from great distances away. This process will require frequent mare examinations to ensure that the semen is ordered at the correct time and to confirm that ovulation occurs in the correct window of opportunity.

    Frozen semen allows mare owners to use genetics from not only anywhere in Australia but abroad as well. Frozen semen will remain viable for very long periods of time while in a liquid nitrogen tank, which hands you the tool to breed foals to stallions that are no longer alive. Unfortunately, the freezing and thawing process decreases the length of time in which semen remains viable which means that the time of insemination needs to be perfect. To ensure this, frequent ultrasound scanning is required to pin point when ovulation occurs.