Cattle Embryo Transfer

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  • HVC specialises in cattle embryo transfer. We have been providing ET services in Australia for over 30 years. We have 3 professional teams equipped for on farm embryo collection and transfer of embryos. We are able to cater for all sized programs, from an individual donor to groups of up to 35 donors per day.

    We have run our own recipient herd for over 15 years and understand what is required to achieve good outcomes.

    Please call HVC on (02) 6036 2374 to speak with one of our ET vets about your embryo transfer requirements.

  • HVC has a purpose-built donor centre based at ‘Water Park’, Holbrook, which can accommodate small or large groups of donor cows and can tailor embryo transfer programs to meet your requirements. This centre has been in operation for over 20 years and is utilized by many of the leading seedstock producers in the country.

    Our donor service includes nutritional management, ultrasound evaluation, super ovulatory treatments and collection of embryos. Embryos collected can be transferred fresh into prepared recipients or frozen for later transfer in an optimal timeframe for your breeding program.

    Please call HVC on (02) 6036 2374 to speak with one of our ET vets about your artificial breeding requirements.

  • In some cases, on-farm flushing of embryos is possible, however, is not common as flushing requires specific equipment and facilities to ensure a high standard of safety and hygiene is maintained. Usually, these embryos would be transferred fresh into prepared recipients on the same property.

    Producers are required to administer the reproductive treatments to both the donor and recipient cows, thus making this option both labor and time-consuming. For these reasons, having donor cow/s transported to Water Park for their reproductive work is more economical.

  • HVC-AB runs a recipient herd of over 1300 cows at Holbrook. Through this herd we provide weaned ET calf contracts and pregnant recipient contracts. Embryos can be collected in our donor facility and transferred fresh into the HVC-AB recipients or frozen and implanted at a more convenient time.

    Through managing our own recipient herd for over 15 years we have gained a lot of knowledge on best practice management of these large intensive artificial breeding programs. This knowledge helps us provide you with the best advice on how to manage your artificial breeding programs.