Cattle Artificial Insemination

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  • HVC has the expertise and experience to advise on the management of all beef breeding programs including hormone synchrony for artificial breeding programs. It is important not only to achieve good results to the AI program but also ensure the cows that don’t conceive to AI do so ideally in the next cycle.

    There a number of factors that contribute to the construction of an effective breeding program, these include; age of female, nutrition available, body condition, desired calving window, whether the property is EU accredited and understanding the pasture growth curve for your area.

    In addition to the cow factors is the management of the bull team. Important aspects include; ensuring adequate bull power (especially following synchronized breeding) and soundness, managing bull interactions, managing bull breakdowns and the decision between multi-sire vs single-sire mating. The integration of all these factors is essential to a successful breeding program, and the vets at HVC are well equipped to assist with this.

  • There are many factors to consider when formulating a synchrony program. No one program suites all groups of cattle or management systems. Things to consider include; the class of animal (multiparous cow vs primiparous heifer), their body condition, their nutritional status, and also the facilities and labour availability to effectively administer the synchrony medications at the required intervals.

    HVC can advise on the best synchrony program to meet your individual enterprise needs and also supply the required medications.

  • HVC have been providing AI services for many years to both seedstock and commercial clients in south-eastern Australia. We have a team of 5 vets able to provide a full service approach to your artificial breeding programs. These services start with the selection of the appropriate synchrony program, through to inseminating and back-up bull management to early ultra sound pregnancy diagnosis and foetal aging.

  • As your partners in production, HVC aims to keep the profitability of your enterprise at the forefront of decision making. In doing so, the financial and production implications of fresh vs frozen artificial insemination can be discussed, and an informed decision made. There are scenarios where the collection of semen and fresh AI makes economic sense to a production system. One example of where this may be beneficial is using heifers.

    A fresh AI program can be formulated whereby all heifers are inseminated on the same day, thus creating a very tight calving interval. This allows for labour savings during calving and a tighter calving which will result in a more consistent product able to be better targeted at certain markets and also ensure the cows will reconceive easier as they will have calved early in the calving period.

    Our vets are eager to assist with your AI needs. Call the clinic on (02) 6036 2374 for more information regarding the best artificial breeding solution for your production system.